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Helping Others = Helping Ourselves
助人 = 助己



Registration in Hong Kong Nursing Board of Registered Nursing  
Registration in State of California Board of Registered Nursing 
USA Adult Critical Care Registered Nurse 

USA Medical Case Manager
USA Certified Medical Aesthetic Consultant


Kitty graduated in Queen Mary Hospital as Registered Nurse and worked at Intensive care unit till moved to LA.  After obtained the qualification as Registered a Nurse in California with further specialized in Critical Care.  Kitty worked at US Federal Veteran Administrative Hospital as  Critical Care Charge Nurse, Alhambra Hospital as Skilled Nursing Charge Nurse,  California State Medical Case Manager and Medical Office Manager.

I grew up with a grass root life in the lower income public housing community. Despite of all the discouragements and sorrow, I still had a happy and grateful upbringing. Not only because I have an optimistic personality, I also deeply experienced the warm and kindness of humanity. Thus, I always firmly believe the good nature of humanity.Back in the old days, life was simple without much luxurious entertainment. People always helped each other out, cared for each other, had more understanding between each other so there were more opportunity for better communication.But when I returned from the United States to settle in Hong Kong again after twenty years, I visited my childhood community and have a very different feeling. The society became affluence and people have a much busier life than before. People have little communication, caring and understanding between each other now. Most people have at least one smart phone, television set and probably many other electronic items such as different kinds of smart phones and notebooks to make life so much busier. When people don't even have enough time to rest, how would they have time to communicate and have sharing with each other?! All the latest hi-tech electronic media generates internal wall within people to alienate each other. Or people nowadays just prefer to keep a distance between each other, their surrounding, family and society!Through the UniHeart's enthusiasm, we can call for the truthfulness, kindness and helpfulness within everyone to reach out and help the less fortunate needed individuals. We want to have life changing life and love calling for love. Everyone could give their best to help each other. We can also learn how to care, love, give, understand and work well with each other by helping others and to learn that nothing comes free! The beneficiaries can learn how to be grateful and to appreciate others in order to encourage the continuation of volunteers' love and selflessness. Thus, helping others are also helping ourselves to build a better society.

我從小就在屋邨長大,過著草根基層的生活,但無論經歷多少挫折與憂愁,仍很感恩地快樂成長,不是因為自己樂觀開朗的性格,而是因為我能深深感受到人間有情,也是使我一直堅信人性本善的原因。以前的社會生活簡樸,沒有任何奢侈的消遣娛樂,人與人之間彼此互相幫助,互相關心,互相瞭解,而互相溝通的機會也自然多。但在二十年後我從美國回流,重遊舊地,感觸良多,社會富裕了,人生活忙碌了,人與人之間的溝通 ,關心,瞭解少了,大部份人最少都有一部手機、電視,可能還有其他的電子產品,如各式各樣的智能手機和平板電腦,忙過不亦樂乎 ,連自己睡覺時間都不夠 ,又何來有時間與別人溝通分享呢? 現在的電子資訊使人心裡自築的圍牆隔膜了人的相互交流;還是人與人之間,與環境、家庭、社會的疏離呢!所以希望藉著賢心社的推動,以喚醒每人心中的真善美,幫助有需要的人。以生命改變生命,以愛喚醒愛,各人各盡所能,幫人之餘可學懂關愛、付出 、分享 、體諒及團結精神,明白幸福不是必然;而與此同時受惠者也能學懂感恩,欣賞別人,延續義工的愛及無私,以助人助己的精神回饋社會。


昨日在華富邨{長者留倩影}活動中,感觸良多,無論是化妝師, 攝影師或是義工們對長者那份愛及真,或是對我對賢心社那份關懷,鼓勵及無私的支持,令我很是感動和鼓舞,再加上長者對這些影相前之準備如衣服,飾物及刻意去理髪店洗頭的那份尊重,及事後他們面上那份感激的笑容,我已知道無論我因賢心社的工作而身心疲累,或是因沒有政府的資助而心灰意冷,我也再沒藉口去放棄。
珍惜身邊值得你愛的人, 把這幸福緊緊的握在手內,不要讓它溜走

Love, Respect, Appreciate, Understanding, Treasure

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