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About Us 關於我們

Helping Others = Helping Ourselves
助人 = 助己

Introduction 簡介

Uniheart was founded in 2011, by a group of professionals who are committed to helping others and giving back to the community. Uniheart was recognized by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department as an 88 charity in 2013. Charity File Number: 91/12324

賢心社於2011年成立,由一班正向身、心、靈,以助人助己精神,回饋社會的專業人士所組成,並於2013年獲香港稅務局認可成為88 慈善團體。慈善團體檔案編號: 91/12324

Our Team 我們的團隊

UniHeart has a team of experts which comprises of Psychiatry, Orthopedist, Pediatrician, Clinical Psychologist, Special Education Teacher, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Music Therapist, Art Therapist, Dance Movement Therapist, Registered Nurse, Dietition, Medical Case Manager, Social Worker, counsellor, lawyer, CPA , School Principal and Creative director etc. UniHeart offer extensive professional, reliable, and complementary services to individuals, family, school, institutions as well as organizations. Our full range of services includes psychological and developmental assessment, counseling services, public lectures, workshops, therapies and support groups.

賢心社有專業的精神科醫生、骨科醫生、兒科醫生、臨床心理學博士、 特殊教育老師、言語治療師、職業治療師、物理治療師、音樂治療師、藝術治療師舞蹈動作治療師、註冊䕶士、營養師、醫療個案評估師、社工心理輔導員律師 執業會計師 學校校長 及網絡設計師等等。賢心社提供廣泛、專業、可靠 的全面服務給個人、家庭、學校、機構及團體包括心理及發展評估、 輔導服務、公開講座、工作坊、治療課程及小組支援。

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